You’re Creating Too Much Content

David Risley is a well known blogger but also someone who runs a variety of different membership sites using WishList Member.

In this interview you’ll hear why David thinks you might be creating “too much” content for your membership, and how that could be leading to cancellations.

Plus, during this interview you’ll learn…

  • How to get beyond the “traditional” membership site setup
  • 3 reasons every business should utilize a membership site
  • Tools used to create the perfect membership business
  • The #1 mistake to avoid when creating a NEW membership site
  • How to balance “FREE” vs. “PAID” content on your blog
  • Effective membership site marketing strategies
  • and much more!

You can download the interview below or listen to by pressing the “play” button below:

David Risley Interview (33 min)


Download Here
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  1. Will says:

    I agree.. less is more now.. it isn’t about frequency but having something of value… (which i guess is all subjective) but still.. don’t have all the content but the right content…

  2. Ruby says:

    Enjoyed this interview!

    Could you please list the tools David Risley uses (esp “nanocast” – I’ve tried to search this online, but I must not be hearing/spelling it correctly.


  3. James says:

    As multi-media content is being distributed to mobile application easier these days, we are concentrating on reducing the length of our content. We are starting to take our existing content and breaking it up into smaller bites that are more easily digestable for our members. So far it seems to be working awesome.

    • Wray says:

      I count myself in the number that prefers the “short bursts” of info as opposed to the lengthier options.

      Feels like I have gotten more accomplished when I can fire through multiple posts, etc. in a shorter amount of time.

      Keep us posted on how this goes on your site, @James!

  4. Janet says:

    It’s very true that having too much content overwhelms members, especially on a training site like mine. It can create roadblocks to them finding what they want to learn.

    Now I’m offering a membership to the whole enchilada for those who want that, but also splitting up the information into separate sites for specific social networks with very focused content just for that network.

  5. Terrific interview. I use a similar combo of OptimizePress and Wishlist Member and love it.

    • James says:

      Hi Steinar,

      Optimize press is page based correct? Could i ask what you think is the best way to set up WL with OP.

      Following the lead of the WL site itself I have been using post based content …

      Thanks in advance…


  6. Had a look at some of the things mentioned in the interview. Must be a bit slow OptimizePress not as fast to do as I would have hope, but that could just be me. I must admit I agree with the bit about too much content. I have a site that delivers a course and I wanted to do it over 40 weeks, but PayPal only lets me do 30 weeks so had to squeeze it down and I have found that because the first two weeks are so big that people are opting out. I will have to see what I can do. I did this to try to keep to a particular theme each week. May also have to look at clickbank. Has anyone had any experience with Clickbank on a weekly membership payment basis, would be interested to know or of any other payment options. Loved the whole interview, found lots of great information

  7. Sameh Hassan says:

    Thanks Stu for the dr interview . I really like the formula that was prescribed in the interview . I found the show cases models mentioned are very useful and i like so much how these pages designed. The plugins are very useful too . I did not know about some of them. Looking for more interview with more show cases.

    I wonder also if you have a good source of the buttons and graphics that could be used to create membership sites.

  8. Bronwyn White says:

    Thanks, I am just starting my 1st site and will follow the formula. Great tips.

  9. Motti Ben David says:

    Great information got some ideas to try.

  10. Ann Moore says:

    @Stu Thanks so much for the interview very encouraging!

    What I learned:

    Membership sites offer greater control of how content is delivered. There is the potential for community development, which is extremely appealing to me. A membership site offers the ability to cross-sell to already interested buyers.

    What got my attention concerning Optimize Press is that it is very customizable.

    I got these points out of the interview: scale back on content and mix the content style, I have to agree because otherwise it would be like eating green beans for every meal, may get boring after a while.

  11. Jason Ulsrud says:

    I’ve been following David for a couple of years now. This interview has really great info and insights into a Membership site. Very helpful.

    I’m just setting up my Membership site, and plan on converting another site I have to membership, and it seems super overwhelming. This interview has me thinking about the ease of usability and not producing too much content. Super helpful.

    Great Interview… Thank You

  12. David Foster says:

    I got to interview David on my blog as well. He is awesome! I highly recommend his Blog course! Great interview thanks!

  13. David Foster says:

    I sure do Wray Cullimore it is here:

    We are working on implementing WishList on this site as we speak. We have another membership area that we created ourselves, but want to keep it so that our readers only have ONE place to go. Less confusion that way! =]

  14. Wendy Kier says:

    Brilliant informative interview – my head thinks it is going to explode 🙂

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