WishList Insider – Forum Focus 99

The Forums have been busy with conversations again this week so make be sure to take some time and join in the action.

This time around, the focus is applied to the following topics:

  • How Do You Know It’s Spam?
  • Should You Give Out Your Login Info?
  • What’s “APC”?

“See” you in the forums!

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Spewing Spam

How do you prevent spam from appearing on your membership site?

Anyone that runs a WordPress site knows that spam comments can find their way onto your content, but what do you do to keep these fake conversation-starters from even appearing in the first place?

This forum thread asks how to first identify spam comments and then what should be done when they are discovered.

An automatic method for blocking spam is also referenced to make things easier on the Insiders 🙂


Having An “Expert” Look At My Site?

When is it okay to give your Membership Site admin login info to someone else?

Is it ever “okay” to do this?

Some might say “yes” while some might say “no”.

This is one of those topics where some careful consideration is a very good idea. It’s possible there are aspects of this decision that you have never thought about before so we encourage Insiders to see how others approach this choice.


My Widgets Won’t Stick

This thread finds an Insider looking for some debugging help BUT it also touches on the topic of “APC”.

What is “APC”…?

That’s exactly what I asked within the discussion and was happy to learn how these three letters can speed up a site.

Anyone looking for a quicker site will likely want to check out this conversation.

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