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What do you want to learn more about today?

How about member retention? Perfect, we’ve got a forum thread that addresses this (including a webinar posted from a retention specialist).

Would you like to know which is the bigger challenge; GETTING or KEEPING Members? You’re in luck, there is a conversation on exactly that just waiting for you.

All this and more can be found in this week’s Forum Focus.

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Biggest Marketing Challenge – Getting Or Keeping Members?
This falls into the “very good question” category.

Which of the following options requires more effort…

Bringing in a NEW Member or retaining an EXISTING Member?

In my head, I answered quickly and then thought… wait, maybe it’s not that easy.

It’s important to always be focused on bringing in new members, but you can’t forget about the members who have already put their trust in you and signed up.

Get in on this engaging conversation within this thread. We want to know YOUR opinion.


Getting Started…
How did you decide on your membership “niche”?

Maybe you haven’t selected one yet.

Choosing what your membership site will be based upon it arguably the most important decision you’ll make when starting out.

That’s why it’s a good idea to put some thought into this and to get some informed opinions on the matter. You need to be sure about what you will be focused on for the foreseeable future in order to set and achieve your goals.

So that is exactly what a new Insider did within this thread.

Please come and share your opinion or get some direction on where you should be headed.


Retention Webinar You Should Watch
We’ve gotten to benefit from Noah Fleming’s knowledge regarding retention here in the Insider through various articles (examples here and here).

This time, Noah has posted a link to a webinar he has offered within the forum.

We encourage you to take the time to watch this webinar and take note of how it can benefit your own membership site (and the members within it).

Once you have checked out the webinar, be sure to jump into the conversation that started in this thread as the subject of forums (and how to make them thrive) is addressed.

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