WishList Insider – Forum Focus 86

This week’s highlighted forum conversations all seem to touch upon a similar topic…

How can you connect more with members in order to boost retention?

There are many theories and ideas for keeping members happy and within your site, but which actually work?

Check out first hand knowledge from fellow Insiders as we look into the “threads of the week” 🙂

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Steal This Marketing Idea From Me – It Really Worked…
What is the most powerful advertising and marketing tool you posses for your membership site?

Banner Ads? Commercials? Positive Word of Mouth?

While these are all solid ways to raise awareness regarding your membership, don’t forget about your most valuable asset…

Your content!

Dive into this forum thread to find out how you can use your existing content to attract even more members.


Getting More Info From Your Optin Customers
Who goes out of their way to remember your birthday?

When that special day rolls around each year, who make an effort to send you a card and show they appreciate you?

Find out how one Insider is running with the idea of mailing out a special something for member’s birthdays AND how they are going about getting the addresses needed to do so.

It’s a very effective idea to engage and excite members.

Get in on the action within this conversation!


Is A “Welcome Call” To New Members Worthwhile For Increasing Retention?
When is the last time you picked up the phone to contact one of your members?


Before you dismiss this idea as being “too much work” or “too intrusive” we recommend checking out what Insiders had to say regarding this retention technique.

Why not do everything you can to build and nurture a bond between yourself and your members.

Of course, the next question is how you would go about this.

Don’t worry, that’s covered in this thread as well 🙂


  1. Russ Hamel says:

    Retention should be one of the top considerations. After all, you work so hard to acquire a member/subscriber. The longer folks stay around, the more they get to know, like and trust you. You’ll be FAR better off with 100 loyal subscribers than you will churning out a revolving door of 1,000 “new” subscribers every month – only to see them leave as fast as they come in.
    If you own the site, BE ACTIVE YOURSELF. Imagine going to a restaurant where you are greeted by the door by the owner; and he gives your wife a beautiful red rose as he compliments her dress. SIMPLE COURTESY like a greeting from the owner! How hard is that?
    Recognize the little things – Rachel gave a suggestion about Birthdays – I know first hand that this works. LITTLE THINGS like birthdays, get wells, anniversaries, any LITTLE things that your subscribers feel worthy to share with you – they are HUGE to your subscribers. Recognize them!
    Yes, by all means, customer retention should be right there at the top!
    All the best from Toronto,

  2. Russ Hamel says:

    I’m back (as promised). I thought I was excited yesterday; it’s through the roof today. Plus I have to tell you, I shared this with my wife who, while being extremely supportive of all my YEARS of ‘insignificance’ with my online learning and activities, she doesn’t really get involved with all the ins and outs of what I do. HOWEVER, when I played the interview for her this morning and I gave her a quick tour here on WishList, she too got VERY excited.
    Stu, if there is a way to make this audio REQUIRED listening – no, make that MANDATORY – for every member, I will do everything I can to help you spread this message. I resonate so much with everything you experienced and shared on this audio.
    After listening, my wife and I discussed this fully (and excitedly) for about an hour before getting out of bed this morning. She said, “Honey, you’re doing ALL these things! You are on the journey and it’s happening for you just like Mike and Stu said!”
    * Finding people FAR AHEAD of yourself and HELPING them
    * Being courteous to EVERYONE
    * Making yourself valuable without considering WIIFM
    * Thinking first about how to WOW your customers/subscribers/members
    * Celebrating SMALL successes (I’ll share my story about this on the forum)
    Compulsory Listening – yes, that’s the word – COMPULSORY!
    OMG – scraping the ceiling! If there’s a way I can help to emphasize the importance of this message, let me know. I hope anyone reading this will be compelled to listen to this audio. It will definitely CHANGE LIVES!
    All the best from Toronto,

    • Wray says:

      Wow, this is awesome to hear Russ Hamel

      Excitement can quickly translate into great ideas and then implementation of those ideas means success.

      I can certainly see how you can get amped up when listening to that interview that Stu did with Mike Litman (https://insider.wishlistproducts.com/audio-interview-with-stu-mclaren/) Its packed with encouragement and enthusiasm 🙂

      I’ve had those conversations and ideas when first waking up as well (a lot of my thinking is done in the shower). Ideas come flooding in and excitement hits hard!

      Also, I’m a BIG believer in what you said about being involved in your site. It’s part of the appeal of running a Membership Site. You get to interact with like-minded people about something you enjoy.

      The connections we make with everyone is what makes it fun.

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