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That’s the sound of multiple conversations currently happening within the Insider Forums. Check out the topics you may have missed this week:

  • Increasing Your Conversion Rate
  • Multiple Payment Options For Membership Levels
  • Email Opt-In vs. Free Membership Levels

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Increasing Conversion?
Your site is set up.

All your content is top notch.

The design of your site is clean and professional.

Now you just need to convert site visitors into members… but how?

Luckily, there are many Insiders who have gone through this similar situation and have awesome advice on what to do next.

Come see what you can be doing to turn visitors into members.


Multiple Payment Gateways (Sales Funnels)
How many payment methods do you offer on your membership site?

Would it surprise you to know that WishList Member can present multiple payment options (PayPal, ClickBank, 1ShopingCart, etc.) for the same Membership Levels?

This is definitely possible and is the root of this discussion within the forum. Some of your members may want to pay with PayPal while others are more comfortable with ClickBank.

Why not offer different payment options?

Being more familiar or comfortable with a certain payment processor can be much more inviting to a potential member.


Opt-Ins Versus Free Membership
Which is best for your members? (and your membership site?)

The way you initially present your membership sign up is SO important as first impressions go a long way in terms of whether a site “visitor” becomes a “member”.

So which works better… a Free Membership to start OR an Opt-In Email list which includes bonuses to entice the user to sign up later?

You might be surprised (or have your mind changed) after reading what some Insiders are doing.

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