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The SAME Membership But With DIFFERENT Prices

If a Member cancels, should you delete them?

Do you need music for your projects?

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Two Prices – Same Membership…
Have you ever thought about offering the same membership level for a DIFFERENT price?

If you haven’t, it’s a very interesting concept to consider and should definitely not be an idea that is dismissed quickly.

There are certainly ways to approach this which can result in very pleased existing members (and an increase in new members).

Check out this forum thread as Insiders discuss the pros and cons that come along with the pricing and marketing ideas for multiple payment options for the same membership.


Should We Delete Members Who Cancel?
What do you do with the member’s account once they cancel?

Should you delete that member?

Should you move them into a “holding” membership level?

The driving force behind this action should be the goal of potentially bring that member back.

So, what are your best options when it comes to enticing someone who has cancelled into returning?

This thread offers some tips on exactly that 🙂


Video Intro Music: Where To Get Some Free Music
This has definitely happened to me so I’m going to guess it’s happened to many Insiders as well.

You’re working on a video or audio project and you realize you need some music. Now since you (probably) aren’t friends with The Rolling Stones or U2, you need some royalty-free music.

Now that I’ve checked out this thread, I’ve got a few places I can check out when my content needs that musical touch 🙂

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