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We’re looking into some important considerations that should be made when you think about hiring some freelancers as well as look at TWO forum threads focusing on the WP Wall plugin (it’s VERY popular).

Are you visiting the Forums regularly? Each day more and more helpful tips are passed back and forth.

You’re only a couple of clicks away from a collection of some of the smartest and most helpful (and welcoming) individuals around. If you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers 🙂

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Best Practices After Hiring An Overseas Freelancer?
We’d all like to have a few more hours in a day in order to complete everything on the “To Do” list.

Of course, there are times when there literally aren’t enough hours in the day to scratch everything off the list which means it’s time to hire some outside help.

But how do you make sure you hire the RIGHT person for the job.

You need to be sure this person is trustworthy, skilled and able to finish jobs in a timely manner. Being sure of these things can be made even more challenging if you are hiring someone overseas.

Not being able to call and speak with them when you want to or potential breakdowns in communication need to be taken into consideration.

Find out how Insiders are ensuring the best quality when working with freelancers.


What Plugin Is WLM Using To Run Insider Chat?
This is a “classic” request within Insider and it’s easy to see why people want to find out more about this little plugin.

The “Insider Chat” is a very popular aspect of the Insider and it’s always seeing action as members can leave quick messages to each other in only a matter of seconds.

Did you know that some customization can be done to make the WP Wall plugin look more how you would like? Insiders discuss the options for altering the look and feel of this little conversation enabler within this thread.


WP Wall Borders without Horizontal Scroll Bar
We all know that the “Insider Chat” (powered by the WP Wall plugin) is a very popular component of WishList Insider. Just look at the previous Forum Focus thread 🙂

This forum thread touches on more basic edits which can soften up the look of the plugin display but we want to encourage anyone who has further questions regarding the styling of the WP Wall plugin to post them.

The forums are a great place to post any question you might have about ANYthing. Chances are, if you are struggling with something, someone else is too (OR has already solved the issue and can pass that knowledge onto you).

Why not take a few moments to ask a question? Chances are you’ll learn something you can then apply to your own site.

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