WishList Insider – Forum Focus 67

When was the last time you visited the forums?

I’m here to tell you there is even MORE action going on than ever before!

It’s a good time to head over and see what everyone is talking about. Here are a few “hints” about what we shine the focus on this week…

Specific theme elements for members

Potentially unknown member tracking tools

Niche vs. No Niche

Yup, as Stu would say, there are definitely some “hot conversations” going on 🙂

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Can You Use Private Tags Inside A Theme?
Have you ever wanted to display an element of your theme to particular membership levels?

A couple of options are discussed within this thread that aim to achieve exactly that.

Perhaps you want to show a special Ad only to your Gold Members and a different one to your Silver Members. Being able to pick and choose which portions of your theme your members see can open up more possibilities to customizing the look and feel of your site for members.

If this is something you are curious about, we recommend digging into this further within the forum.


Close Monitoring Of WL Member Users
How accurately are you able to track and monitor your members actions within your site?

If you don’t know what your members are viewing (and for how long) how will you know what they want?

Many people run Google Analytics which is a great tool, but there are other options available as well.

This thread goes over a couple of methods that may not be as well known (but can still help).


Targeting A New Membership Program
To niche or not to niche, that is the question 🙂

Which option is best for you right now?

Should you focus in on a very specific niche or should you broader the scope of your membership site?

We get advice in regards to both view points in this forum conversation so we encourage everyone to check it out to see what’s best for you.

You never know, you just might change your mind based on the experiences of others.

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