WishList Insider – Forum Focus 62

Have you checked out the forum this week?

Actually, the better question might be have you checked out the forum today?

With so much valuable information being passed around within multiple threads, we’re focusing on “Questions and Better Questions” this time around.

Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers to those questions too…

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Pages vs. Posts?
How are you displaying your content?

Are you using Pages or Posts?

A better question might be do you know the pros and cons for using either Pages or Posts?

If you have content that is static and will always need to be available (courses, training, etc.) then you might lean towards one option while if you have ever-changing contest (daily updates, topical info, etc.) then you may lean the other way.

You may even find a combination of the two is best suited for you and your member’s needs.

You can find out more within this thread.


How to Add a Custom Navigation Menu for Each Member Level
Would you like a custom navigation for each Membership Level?

Again, the better question might be would your MEMBERS like a custom navigation?

If you (or your members) answered “yes” then you will want to have a peak at this thread.

It includes some code to help make your desired navigation (and your member’s) a reality.


Wow – One Little Tweak To Speed Up Your Site
Are you in “control” of your revisions?

The better question in this case might be do you know what “revisions” are (and how knowing more can speed up your site)?

If you are anything like me, once inspiration hits, you find yourself working at full speed and then after you finish you look around to see a huge mess that resulted from the flurry of activity.

This mess gets in your way and slows you down from that point forward. Unless you like to be tidy 🙂

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