WishList Insider – Forum Focus 59

The week we have 3 threads we want to make all Insiders aware of that touch on the following topics…

  • A list of NINE ways to utilize a WishList Member feature to its fullest.
  • Some adjustments that can make your Members Comments really stand out!
  • A tutorial on how to add an element of even more interaction to your site.

As always, there is some awesome conversations happening in the forums each and every day. Check out what everyone is saying today 🙂

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9 Ways To Use Pay Per Post

Are you using the new Pay Per Post feature on your site?

A better question might be do you know HOW the Pay Per Post feature can be used on your site?

This thread answers that question with NINE ways you can use the Pay Per Post feature right now to attract and retain members.

There are some items on this list that I’m betting not everyone has thought of.

Check it out to see for yourselves.


WordPress Plugin – Post Comments To Stand Out…

I’m going to be honest and say the idea in this thread never occurred to me.

BUT as soon as I read it, I realized what a cool (and effective) way to engage members this is.

Anything we can do to make each member’s experience an enjoyable and memorable one should be explored.

This is also one of those requests that comes through the forums where I wonder if there is a way of achieving the goal and then an Insider steps up with some instructions on how to make it a reality.

Love when that happens!


[Tutorial] Here’s How I Added Private Messaging To My WLM

Here’s a very quick and useful tutorial submitted that gives you the option of including a Private Message option for your members.

Allowing your members to interact on an even more granular level can go a long way in encouraging interaction. Offering the ability for everyone to chat back and forth at the touch of a button means as soon as someone has a thought, they can send a message to the recipient.

This prevents messages not being sent as an email that was meant to be sent later gets forgotten about.

We all like instant gratification so be sure to check this thread out to see how you can get your members conversing with each other even more!


  1. Stu McLaren says:

    That tutorial from Jon Bard was golden.

    Virtual high five.

    Thanks Jon!

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