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Let’s see what’s happening in the forums this week…

Should you be limiting the number of users who can login with the same account? You might want to check out a certain forum thread before you answer.

What web browser are you using? Better question – what web browser are your MEMBERS using? You need to be sure your site appears as it should for EVERYONE.

Are your members remaining members for as long as they want? Don’t stop offering content if your members are still hungry for it.

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Insider…Fantastic Example of a Membership Site

While the headline of this thread may seem like we are bragging, the reason I have highlighted this conversation is actually due to the most recent comments.

An Insider asks what to do when her successful 2 week course has ended.

This question was met with some awesome suggestions on how to convert those temporary students into full time members.

When your membership site is full of pleased members, you definitely want to implement a way for everyone to easily stick around for the long haul.


Best Password Storage Solution

This is another thread that was started some time ago (last year), but has gotten some new life injected into it recently.

Comments from the last week or so discuss the importance of ensuring that your site can be viewed in ALL browsers (this includes the often-forgotten Internet Explorer).

It’s easy to assume that everyone is using FireFox or Chrome these days, but it must be taken into consideration that there are a LOT of people that use Internet Explorer as well.

Your site needs to be optimized for all the major web browsers out there.


Preventing Users from Sharing Logins

WishList Member includes a method which can be used to limit the amount of users who can login using the same account.

But the real question may be, should you be using this feature?

Are more people finding out about your site from shared access?

Or are passed around logins costing you money?

This is something important that should be looked into carefully on everyone’s site.

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