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It is a very valid request.

Site owners will decide on a way they want to provide access to their membership and have a fairly clear idea on how to achieve their goal. But, there are one or two things that aren’t quite falling into place and require a bit more functionality than the systems and programs they are using.

So, what exactly are they trying to achieve?

If “this” specific action happens, they want “that” corresponding action to happen as well.

The actions are different for most sites but the common desire remains.

Creating an automated chain of events triggered by a catalyst.

They want to “set it and forget it” and let it do its job to make things easier for members.

How can something like this be set up?

WishList Member and WooCommerce Integration

In this particular case, an Insider is selling online courses and would like to add those who purchase the course to a membership level in WishList Member.

This is an interesting idea as it allows those who sign up for a course to also gain access to members-only content specified for that level. All types of content could be added to that level and the member could access it when logged into the site.

The courses are being offered through WooCommerce and the goal is to add a level in WishList Member to anyone who purchased a course. So now we need to determine how to allow WishList Member and WooCommerce to communicate with each other.

That is where Zapier comes in.

Zapier is an online service that provides the ability to connect various other systems together. It can be used to connect WooCommerce and WishList Member. It also eliminates the need to create custom code from scratch when trying to connect multiple systems.

WooCommerce offers a Zapier extension and WishList Member includes a Zapier integration. This allows everything to connect with each other and really opens up the playing field.

This featured forum thread is a quick one and provides some additional information.

Please feel free to join the conversation and discuss any experience you may have working with any of these systems.

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