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A similar situation has likely happened to many of us.

We are working with a program or system and setting things up according to the instructions. Everything is falling into place and the last step is completed. So, everything should look correct and function, right?

Usually, that is the case.

But, there are those other times when something just isn’t right.

“Why does it look like that?”

That question typically means something is off. We retrace our steps to ensure each was completed correctly. We double and triple check. Still no luck though.

What is the issue? It just doesn’t look right.

You might need to check the CSS.

Custom Stripe Button

An Insider set up an integration to accept payment for access to a membership level.

It appears the integration itself works. Payment can be accepted and the correct protected content becomes available after the registration is finished.

No problem. Except, there is actually a small problem.

The payment button is a little undersized. It’s also a bit transparent. This results in the button being difficult to see.

If there is one thing you want your payment button to do, it’s stand out.

That is one fewer member each time that button doesn’t get clicked.

So, let’s back up a bit. Why would this button appear in a way that allows it to blend into the background? It could be a few different reasons. Perhaps the theme is dictating how buttons appear on the site.

Whatever the cause may be, there is something that can be done.

The ability to edit CSS provides the power to adjust the appearance of that payment button.

More details are included in the forum thread.

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