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Should you or shouldn’t you?

That is a good question when it comes to the topic of this forum focus. But, let’s back up a bit and gather more information before trying to answer that question.

You spend the time and exert the effort to create your content. It doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. It is the result of your hard work.

It has been created for “members only”, so you use the tools available to protect it.

But, what about those who might share that content once they have gained access?

This is a popular topic up for discussion for many membership sites. That is very likely one of the reasons it came up in the Insider Forum.

Is a Downloadable PDF of the Training Course a Good or Bad Idea?

PDFs are an effective way to share information.

There is a reason they have been around for a long time and continue to be used on a very regular basis. You can see these being provided to members within many membership sites. We use them ourselves within WishList Insider.

The question still remains.

If is a good idea to provide members with a downloadable PDF?

Couldn’t they download that PDF and then share if with whoever they want? That is a possibility, so measures should be put in place if this scenario were to happen.

Preventing the sharing of PDFs may not even be the best way to deal with this issue. That may seem counter-intuitive, but there are some other options that may surprise you.

There are ways to turn that document into a great piece of content for members and a marketing tool for those are not members.

It really depends on how you look at it.

We invite you to check out the conversation in the forum for all the details.

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