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This forum thread starts with an interesting question.

While this is usually the case with many conversations in the forum, this question lead to a response and a reference to a recent Insider Action Plan.

Basically, an Insider is offering a course for purchase on their site. Nothing unusual about that as many sites offer various types of courses to members.

But, the interesting part of the request comes into play when the additional variable is mentioned.

“There will be a member and non member price”.

So, how can you offer different prices for different groups of people?

That is a good question.

Courses Added to Website

How would you handle this situation?

You have been working on a course and it’s ready for release. You want to offer different price points for different people.

The time has been spent on creating a high quality course so you want to be sure the purchase process makes sense. If someone decides they want to buy, it should be an easy experience for them.

So, how does this all work?

Is there a specific type of integration needed with an online payment processor when you want to offer multiple “Buy Now” buttons? Maybe there are additional protection settings required.

Is there a way to ensure members only see one price while non members only see another?

There are a number of moving parts involved so we recommend checking out the forum thread and the corresponding Insider Action Plan for details.

They both focus on the creation of a Modular Course within a membership site.

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