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Transferring members from one level to another can sometimes feel like a tricky situation.

There are numerous factors to consider as you decide who should ultimately be placed into the specific levels.

Do those members need to remain in the previous level as well as get placed into the new level? Is there existing login info that should be kept for each member? Are members needing to be informed of the adjustment?

You also want to be sure no data is being lost or over-written once the process has been finished.

It all comes down to having a clear idea of what needs to happen.

But, the question remains.

What is the best way to implement that idea to transfer members?

Exporting and Importing Members / Adding Members from One Level to Another

In this case, an Insider is wanting to ensure a large number of members are placed into two membership levels.

Seems like a pretty common goal and one that can be quickly achieved. But, there are a few more things to keep in mind.

Level #1 already contains all the members. Level #2 contains some of the members who are already in Level #1.

So, how can they get the remaining members from Level #1 into Level #2?

The idea of importing a list of members into the site was brought up. This concept could work and it would handle the task. But, is it really the most effective solution?

A question about duplicate member accounts came up and there was also concern regarding finding all the members who needed to be added.

It was starting to look like importing members may not be the most ideal option.

There is another way to add existing members into another level and it feels like a better fit in this case.

The Mass Move feature is something that handles a particular job.

That all being said, the conversation continued and more elements were added to the equation.

We invite you to visit the forum and get all the details. Please feel free to join the conversation and share your own thoughts and ideas.

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