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Attracting new members and allowing them to sign up is important.

In fact, it may be one of the most important aspects of a thriving membership site. If members aren’t able to register, they aren’t going to stick around very long. Mostly because they can’t sign up in the first place.

But let’s take the next step with this way of thinking.

Once members have successfully created their accounts, they want to access the protected content they were promised.

All they need to do is login and that content is waiting for them.

Unless… they have trouble logging into the site.

WordPress Prompts For “Username or Email Address”

Not being able to login to a site is frustrating.

Most of us have dealt with this first hand during our online travels. We try logging into a site and we believe we know the correct password. We type it in and click the enter button. But… it denies us entry.


There is usually an error message stating something about an incorrect username or telling us there doesn’t seem to be an account tied to that login information. This can lead to multiple failed login attempts and a potential account lock out. (Not to mention the stress level raising as all we wanted to do was login).

This is obviously the type of scenario we all look to avoid for our members when they try to login.

The specific login issue described in this forum thread is a bit uncommon.

It details a situation where two error messages are showing upon failed login. That is something you (hopefully) don’t see every day.

Being faced with one error message is pretty standard, but doubling up is rarely seen.

So what caused this issue and how can it be prevented?

Check out the forum thread for all the details.

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