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Sometimes we want it to do a little bit more.

This is a common feeling when working with software or online services. Most of the time , they handle the majority of what we need. But there are those other instances when it would be nice if they could maybe address one more thing on our “want list”.

That one more thing might be something that is unique or very specif to our situation. This means it may not make sense for it to be added to the software.

So, what options are available if that is the case ?

This forum thread is a good example of what might work.

Change Time on Sequential Upgrade

This is an interesting conversation that revolves around the functionality of the Sequential Upgrade feature in WishList Member.

This popular feature allows members to be automatically added or moved into new membership levels based on a set schedule. It basically allows members to be ushered through a series of content at the pace specified by the site owner.

Since it all happens on it’s own, there is no need for manual upgrades.

A feature like this get uses frequently and usually covers the needs of the site owner and their members.

But, in this case, an Insider is looking to change the functionality a bit to work with their slightly more unique situation.

Is there a way to set the upgrades to occur at the exact same time each day for each member? So each member would get added to the new level at the specified time each day regardless of when they signed up.

That is not typical functionality so alternative options are being looked into.

A member of the WishList Products development team joined the conversation and provided some assistance in the form of a code snippet.

The WishList Member API was also discussed.

This is a good example of how these available tools can be used to create solutions.

Have you ever considered developing an add on for your site?

We encourage you to check out this forum thread for more details.

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