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You likely have a preferred hosting provider and they are currently taking care of the server needs for your membership site.

This includes everything from housing the site files to ensuring the site continues functioning at optimum speed for visitors. If it all runs smoothly, you shouldn’t even have to think about your hosting account.

Everything does it’s job behind the scenes and it’s business as usual for you and your members.

But, that isn’t always the case.

You may run into problems with unexpected down time or consistent slow downs. These types of set backs can result in various issues for an active membership site.

A common question usually comes up in these types of cases.

Have you ever considered switching?

Hosting Recommendations

Changing from one host to another feels like a very involved process.

There are many moving parts to keep in mind. Where should you even start?

Maybe you’ve been with your current provider for a long time and it seems like too much effort would be needed in order to make the switch. This is an understandable feeling to have.

What if the new provider ends up being worse than what you were using before?

What if you lose important data?

What if something breaks your site during the move?

There are plenty of “what if’s” to consider and this forum thread is a good place to discuss options. Preparing before a potential hosting provider switch is always encouraged and could save a lot of stress along the way.

All that being said, perhaps you are pleased with your current provider.

Do you have a preferred hosting recommendation?

An Insider is planning to make the change and is looking for suggestions.

Please feel free to share with the Insider community within the forum.

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