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Adding scarcity to an offer will often lead to a successful outcome.

Limited time deals regularly result in increased sales during a promotion.

Most of us share the feeling of not wanting to miss out and typically try to take advantage of an enticing offer. The possibility of missing out on a great deal is a powerful motivator. It is also something many of us have experienced.

The clock ticks down and we want to score that deal.

An intriguing aspect of this forum conversation is that the scarcity is applied a bit differently. The conversation suggests the scarcity be applied to the number of spots available instead of the length of time the offer is available.

Does this work for a membership site?

Limiting Number Of Members During Enrollment Period

The first message in this forum thread includes an intriguing question.

“Has anyone done this?”

The “this” refers to opening a membership site to a number of people at first and then closing the enrollment for a set period of time. This process would be repeated moving forward.

So there is only a set number of spaces available. Once they are gone, no one else can register.

But, what if there are more people who want to purchase?

Definitely an interesting conversation starter.

The follow up replies in this form thread touch on a number of related points like a specifically timed discount with a very limited window (“5 Minute Discount”) and a “Warehouse Sale”.

Have you ever run a promo with a limited number of spots or products?

We would like to hear your experiences in the forum.

Please feel free to visit the forum and join the conversation.

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