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This topic falls into a familiar category.

In fact, it is a simple statement that says a lot.

If you have ever joined us during one of our monthly All Access Calls, you’ve likely heard one of us even say it a few times during the broadcast.

“That’s a good question”.

This seems to be the common (and valid) response when a question is posed that generates solid talking points. A good conversation can usually find it’s origin in a recently asked question.

In this case, that question is…

When do you make the pitch for the sale?

That really is a good question.

Asking For The Sale In An E-Course

The example in this forum thread is a free seven part e-course to help generate interest in an eventual paid offer.

Providing the quality free content is an effective method to open the door to potential members and let them get a feel for what they might expect if they decide to purchase a membership.

This is a tried and tested way to stir up interest but we are more interested in the “when” aspect of the offer.

When should the offer be made?

Maybe just as important, how often should the offer be made?

You could make the offer right away during the first free lesson and then mention it again during each of the next scheduled lessons. This will certainly prevent those taking the course from missing the available option. But, could that be seen as pushing the offer too hard?

Another option is to wait until closer to the end of the free series before making the purchase offer known. This allows everyone in the course to get comfortable and process the free content before deciding if they want to purchase more. Of course, some of the initial excitement may have worn off if it gets left too long.

So what is the best way to handle this type of offer?

We invite you to visit the forum thread for all the details. You can join the conversation and post your own ideas and questions.

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