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Most new membership sites share a common goal.

They want to attract as many new members as possible.

More members means more people consuming the content and gaining value from it. This can lead to positive word of mouth from satisfied customers and more potential members registering.

The majority of membership sites are looking to increase their numbers so additional methods to attract sign ups get put into play.

Maybe a webinar series or email campaign to promote the site.

Whatever the case may be, the ideal situation is a steady stream of members joining the ranks.

The next question becomes very important.

How do you keep those members?

Creating More Member Interaction

The concept of member retention is a broad topic and there are many methods that can be explored.

This particular forum thread focuses on an interesting idea.

Building member engagement through member interaction.

We all tend to show a bit more interest if there is some interaction built into an activity. Someone passively watching a training video may end up taking an unexpected nap half way through the presentation if they aren’t all that engaged in the content.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the content is boring. It could simply be a case of momentarily losing interest.

That same person may show increased interest if they watched that same video with a group of like-minded individuals.

The viewers can interact with each other as they watch or afterwards. They may ask each other questions and engage in conversation that never would have occurred if they all viewed the presentation on their own.

Interest can wander if we aren’t locked into what we are doing at that moment.

Being able to converse with a group about the content can make it more engaging.

Can member interaction affect the attrition rates of a membership site?

This forum thread touches on this topic and more.

We invite you to check it out and see what you think.

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