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This forum thread brings up an interesting topic as it uses some uncommon terminology for membership models.

These names may not be instantly recognizable at first.

Many of us have heard of a content drip model or the popular course model. These are tried and tested examples of content delivery systems that work well with an online membership site. All you really need to do is plug in your content and you’re off to the races.

This discussion talks about something called “Hard” and “Soft” and “Mixed” membership models.

Do these sound familiar to you?

Lets dig in a bit more.

“Hard” Vs “Soft” Vs “Mixed” Membership Site

So, what exactly do these terms mean when it comes to a membership site?

Is one more preferable to the others?

An Insider has posted their thoughts on this and they make some intriguing points. They describe how they are using these models on sites and some of the results they are seeing.

A “Hard” site is mentioned as including a landing page with a call to action. The focus seems to be attracting a member purchase by explaining what is being offered.

A “Soft” site is viewed as more of a blog set up that requests an email sign up. This appears to describe an offering of free content with a slightly more passive approach to attracting potential members.

The concept of a “Mixed” option is also introduced in the thread.

More details are shared in the actual forum conversation so we recommend checking it out if this is something that grabs your interest.

Perhaps your site already fits into one of these categories.

You can visit the forum for all the details.

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