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Has this ever happened to you?

You sit down to produce a piece of content for your membership and you’re all ready to create. Maybe you have a hot cup of coffee and the window is open to enjoy a bit of fresh air. The dog doesn’t need to be walked. No one else will be home for a few hours so you have the house to yourself.

Everything seems just right. The space is conducive to create.

But… nothing happens.

The blank computer screen remains blank. The minutes continue to tick by and the blank computer screen continues to be blank.

The content just isn’t flowing.

What should you do next?

What Do You Do When You Get “Content Creation Block”?

A lot of us are likely familiar with that situation.

It can feel like we may never be able to write again (or record a video, podcasts, etc.)

All creativity seems to have gone out the window and we’re stuck trying to create something from absolutely nothing. But, there are ways to get over content creation block, or even avoid it all together.

A drive to clear the mind is a common suggestion. Just hitting the road and seeing what happens. Or, listening to music for some inspiration. These are typical suggestions, but there are others.

Sometimes thinking about anything and everything besides the content you are attempting to create will result in a breakthrough once you return to your desk.

Standing up and leaving your work area might be all that is needed to shake an idea or two loose.

What do you use as Idea Generators?

Are there tried and tested methods that work for you?

This forum thread lists a number of ways to get the creative juices flowing. But we are also interested in the methods you use yourself.

Please feel free to visit the forum and join the conversation.

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