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This is a common question that has been discussed in different capacities over the years.

Most membership site owners will consider which option is better for themselves and their members. Especially if the membership site is being created from an existing site.

Should the membership portion be separate from the main site?

Or, should the membership be combined with the existing site?

These are both valid ways to build and run an online community.

An interesting wrinkle to this scenario is the site size. It’s a relatively large site with an established following and significant site ranking.

So, what is the best option?

Blog and/or Membership?

What would you do in a case like this?

You have two sites. Each has it’s own domain and is serving it’s purpose.

A blog for non-members and a membership site for members.

You can keep them separate, or you can combine them into one large site. The key term being “large”.

The decision to merge the two sites into one may have been made. But, can your current hosting account handle the potential influx of traffic and load on the server? This is something to consider before taking action.

It is certainly not an insurmountable road block. But it is the type of thing you want to address sooner than later.

This forum discussion also touches on other topics to keep in mind. For example…

How does something like this affect SEO? Search engine rankings are important so you want to be aware of that before and during a site merge as well.

The thread addresses a few other points so we recommend heading over to the forum if you are interested in more details.

Please feel free to post your own thoughts and ideas as well.

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