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How are members accessing your site?

That may seem like a bit of an odd question, but it relates to this week’s featured forum thread.

Your members probably use a laptop or desktop computer. Or, maybe a tablet or phone is their preferred method to consume the members-only content you create.

Regardless of the actual device being used, it is likely they are visiting a web site in order to login.

But, what if they could use a mobile app instead?

Is this something you (and your members) would be interested in trying out?

Creating a Mobile App (Follow Up)

We are re-visiting a forum thread based on an interesting development in the story.

The main conversation began a few months back and started as many threads do. An interesting question was posed and a specific scenario was described.

In this case, the idea of a mobile app for a membership site was the topic of discussion.

More specifically, how could one be created?

Creating an app from scratch can seem like a fairly daunting task. Where would you even start?

Some ideas were suggested and discussed and some time has passed since the initial conversation. Fast forward a few months later and the Insider now has an app created for their membership site.

They have also made it available to those who want to try it out.

Do you think your members would like to access content through an app on their mobile device?

This may be something worth pursuing for your site and the first steps have been taken.

You can check out the forum thread for all the details.

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