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This is a common and valid point to consider.

In fact, the eventual decision will play a major role in deciding on the specific site set up and content creation.

A site owner is building a site and deciding between two methods of content delivery

Should content be delivered as a course? Or, should that content be delivered as a monthly membership?

Is one method really better than the other?

That all being said, it may not need to be a choice of either/or.

Could it possibly be both?

A Course Versus Monthly Membership

This forum thread begins with an Insider asking about the possibility of offering a monthly membership option.

That is not an uncommon method to deliver content.

In fact, it is a tried and tested way to effectively provide protected content to eligible members.

The questions arise because the monthly membership might be instead of some existing courses. So, courses could be offered or a monthly membership could be offered.

What is the right choice?

Is, there a “right choice”?

The conversation within the forum begins by addressing this decision and takes a few interesting detours as other topics come up.

Ideas that range from free gifts to split testing are discussed while bringing up additional points to consider. The conversation organically grows based on the follow up posts.

It truly is interesting to see the ideas that spring up as individuals share their thoughts and experiences.

We invite you to join the discussion and feel free to post your own ideas.

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