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Selling digital products is almost second nature to many membership sites owners.

This can include access to online courses, plugins, audio and video lessons and more.

The payments are processed online and the goods are delivered online. It doesn’t get much easier. The whole system can even be automated and require little to no management once it has been set up.

The key being all these items can be bought and fulfilled online without the need to ship out any physical items.

But, what if you have physical items to sell?

This forum thread begins the conversation.

Plugin for Online Art Prints

The example in this case is art prints.

It is a photography site that wants to offer quality prints for sale.

This idea makes a lot of sense since the members are obviously interested in taking pictures and photography in general. There is a built in audience for the products being offered.

So, what options are available to sell physical items and then send those items to their intended homes?

There are some details that will need to be worked out. Additional information needs to be collected during the purchase process (shipping address, quantity of items, etc.). Some areas require different taxes be applied to purchases. Where will the items ship from and where will the stock be stored?

Selling physical items is still a good idea. But, it requires some consideration to ensure things run smoothly.

Is there an all-in-one solution to handle everything?

Or, maybe there are two or three solutions that can work together.

If you are an Insider who sells physical items, please share your thoughts in this forum thread. Of course, we are interested in hearing from everyone.

Please feel free to join the discussion.

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