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Should it go here? Or should it go there?

Well, that kind of depends.

The “here” and the “there” in this case refers to the main site domain or a sub-domain.

So, the more specific question is… Where should you install the membership portion of your site?

That is a pretty good question. It is also one that membership site owners who have a currently active site have likely already answered. But, would they change their mind after some time of running their site in it’s current location?

The main question remains.

Should a membership site be on the main domain or a sub-domain?

Best Practices – Separate Membership From Rest Of Site?

It seems like placing your membership site on the main domain would make the most sense.

And maybe it does.

If everything is housed under the same “roof”, then it feels like the logical choice to include the membership aspects of the site there too. This way, there is one URL that handles anything and everything related to the site.

You can direct members to your site and they can access content easily. No problem.

Of course, there are reasons to consider moving the membership to a sub-domain as well. A bit of separation between the main site and membership can be beneficial as well.

Members will still be able to access content easily. No problem.

So, what exactly is the right choice?

Maybe the better question is… Is there a right choice?

This discussion continues within the Insider forum and we invite you to join in.

We would also like to hear how you have set up your site when it comes to the main domain or a sub-domain. You may have tried one method and then switched to another.

Please feel free to share any of your experiences.

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