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Promotions are an important aspect of many membership sites.

Some sites will hold one major promo at the same time each year while other online communities may conduct multiple smaller promos at various times across a calendar.

There isn’t really a “right” or “wrong” way to promote your site. But, one method might be more effective than another for your particular site based on what you offer, what members are willing to spend, etc.

This forum thread is looking into a “One Month Special” to attract members.

One Month Special?

A common concern about offering a free or lower priced initial month is that people will sign up, download all the content and then cancel.

That is a valid point and it is understandable to want to avoid that scenario. A lot of time and effort goes into the creation of content so you want it to be secure as well as appreciated.

That being said, there are typically more details that go into a one month special.

The conversation in this forum thread covers a number of interesting ideas for this type of promotion. Should it be free? Or, should it be a small purchase price?

What is the difference on a broader scale between a free sign up or a low priced sign up? A few dollars can make a significant difference depending on the volume of member registrations.

A recommendation of testing is also discussed. It is difficult to guess about possible results until some testing has been done.

Have you run any promotions lately? We encourage you to share your experience in this thread.

Perhaps you are thinking about an upcoming promo and have similar questions to the ones addressed in this conversation.

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