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What is the best way to get new members?

Offering a lower price is often seen as a quick way to attract potential sign ups. But, is this an effective option in the long run? Continually decreasing the cost of membership means more members are eventually needed. Plus, the purchase price can only be lowered so much.

What other options are available to incentivize sign ups?

This quick forum thread touches on the idea of using webinars to get the word out and provide details about a membership site.

So how does someone go from webinar attendee to new member?

Membership Recruiting via Webinar

Webinars are a popular method of content delivery and it’s easy to see why.

They are an efficient manner to present information for the site owner while also being an easy to digest communication method for members.

It is a relatively easy process for all involved.

An Insider mentions their existing podcast audience and an idea to present a “Meet & Greet” webinar in this forum thread. The session would cover a topic and include a questions and answers period followed by a pitch for the online membership.

This is an effective option to inform potential members of a membership site they may not otherwise be aware of.

It is probably safe to assume many of us have engaged in a webinar where we decided to take advantage of an offer made during the presentation.

A couple of scenarios are discussed in this forum thread in terms of the offers that could be made while conducting a webinar. But, there are also other possibilities.

We encourage you to visit the forum for more details and feel free to post your own ideas when it comes to this topic.

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