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It can be beneficial to look back sometimes.

In this case, we are looking back at a recently featured forum thread that dealt with Exit Interviews. Basically, the idea of finding out why members decide to cancel was brought up and some methods were discussed.

The thought being, adjustments can be made if you know why members are deciding to leave. So, small changes made now can potentially lead to less members cancelling moving forward.

That discussion included some interesting and useful information and also brought up a related concept to talk about.

The idea of automating the process with an auto-responder.

Can this be done?

Exit Interviews – (Follow Up)

Knowing the reason a member cancelled is very useful information.

This is a fairly literal statement as you can actually use that information to prevent other members from the same outcome.

So what processes can be put in place to get all the details?

An Insider asked about the possibility of an automatic move to a level that would start the process of asking why a member left. But there is a bit more to it.

The initial idea may not be exactly possible, but an alternative method is discussed.

This is where an auto-responder really enters the equation.

Most auto-responders include a very important feature that allows for a more automated option for follow-up communication right after a member has cancelled. A sequence can be created and then it can handle this task for you.

It can be set up once and can take it from there.

Do you know the reasons members decide to cancel?

You may be able to find out.

We invite you to visit the forum and join the discussion.

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