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Should you offer a refund period?

The quick answer may be to say “No” and to shy away from the notion of providing a money-back guarantee. But, allowing customers to return something they purchased within a clearly established time frame is expected by consumers and it typically makes sense for everyone involved.

Quite often, the decision is ultimately made to off some form of a refund period.

So the question actually becomes more focused on the type of policy to offer.

How are you handling this now?

Suggestion For a “Refund Policy” and Refund Practice

This forum thread begins with an Insider asking for suggestions regarding a potential refund policy for a monthly recurring subscription.

Many people reading this likely have a similar set up in their site. A membership that accepts monthly payments for access to protected content.

What should the cut off be for a refund?

Some sites will set a 30 day window that starts on the initial payment and ends a month later. This does not always mean there is another 30 day refund window for each monthly payment. But, there could be.

It really depends on how you want to set it up.

The conversation touches on the topic of a trial period which some sites use instead of a refund period. Do trial periods reduce the number of refund requests?

You can head over to the forum to get more details and share your own experiences.

Feel free to post any thoughts that come to mind when thinking through a refund process.

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