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This is an interesting idea.

It is something you may not have considered, but may pique your interest when it comes to content creation.

Many membership sites contain written articles. These come in the forms of blog posts, instructional walk-throughs and more.

Members often come to expect content in written form and generally consume it with no issues. This is how it’s been for a long time and it’s an effective way to deliver certain kinds of material.

But, have you ever considered turning some of that written content into audio?

Text to Speech Voices for Commercial Purposes

You likely have a sizable back catalog of articles.

All you need to do is check the posts section of your WordPress site to find a library of useful content you have created for your community. Why not look into re-purposing some of those past posts?

They could be used as starting points for scripts that can be turned into video lessons. Of course, there would be some additional effort required to record, edit and post the videos.

It would be ideal if there was a quicker way to create another form of content.

That is where this forum thread comes in. It brings up the topic of text-to-audio.

Text-to-audio is usually handled by a piece of software or a service and basically does what you might expect. It converts an existing article into an audio format you can provide to your members.

But, won’t the audio sound “robotic”? That’s a good question and seems to be a common concern when considering text-to-audio content.

Have you ever looked into the possibility of test-to-audio?

We encourage you to visit the forum thread and share your experience.

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