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A test environment is always a good idea.

Somewhere to try things out before making changes to the actual membership site.

Think of the test environment as a safety net.

We all likely have a similar story or two. The classic tale about making an adjustment on a live site only to find out later that seemingly small change resulted in a bigger problem. Whenever we find ourselves in this situation, we often think… This wouldn’t have happened if I did some quick testing first.

So, a test site running WishList Member sounds like a logical solution.

The next question being, can a WishList Member license be used on a test site?

License / Plugin Question

A WishList Member license can be used to activate the WishList Member plugin on a URL.

But, what if you want to activate the plugin on more than one site at a time?

This is no problem if you own a Multi Site License. Of course, things are a bit different if you have a Single Site license.

Is it possible to activate WishList Member on a test site if your live site is also activated?

The quick answer is “Yes” and more details are included in this forum discussion. Basically, there is a specific format for test site URLs that can be used. In cases like this, a test environment can be set up to run WishList Member and is an ideal way to run tests before deploying unproven aspects to a live site.

This is an effective method to keep the live site activated while also being able to ensure everything will work (and continue to work) moving forward.

How are you handling a test site?

If you don’t have one, this forum discussion provides some information to help set one up.

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