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We are bringing this one back.

This forum thread was posted a few years ago but didn’t gain a lot of traction at the time. That isn’t uncommon with forum threads. It seemed like an interesting idea, but maybe didn’t grab the attention of those who saw it. At least, not enough to generate many responses.

So, we thought we would “dust it off” as they say and ask the question again.

We believe it’s an interesting conversation starter and are curious about the potential answers.

The question will require you to think back. Some will need to go way back in their memories while some may have more recent memories they can draw from.

What Was Your First Membership Site?

The first one.

What was the subject matter? What was the membership niche? Do you remember the theme you used?

Those are just a very small sample of the types of follow up questions that spring to mind when you think about your first membership site.

You are likely picturing it in your mind.

You may have been figuring out how hosting accounts and DNS works back then. Did you get the domain name you wanted? Or did someone with a similar idea get to it first?

Thinking back allows us to see how far we’ve come and a lot can be learned from what was done in the past.

Perhaps you are still running your first site. What changes have you made along the way? Is there anything you would have done different back then if you knew what you know now?

We invite you to visit the forum and share your thoughts.

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