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We like to ask this question from time to time.

The answer is always interesting and usually leads to further discussions. Different people respond in different ways.

But the most intriguing thing about this question might be the fact that the answer is always changing.

Your response today is very likely different from what you’ll say six months from now and it’s almost certainly different from how you answered six months ago.

We are curious. How will you answer?

What Was The Last PlugIn You Installed?

WordPress definitely provides a lot of options.

Some of these options come in the form of plugins that seem to cover almost anything you can imagine.

Need to provide a way to print pages? There’s a plugin for that. Looking for a way to post podcasts? There’s a plugin for that. How about something that can help slow down spam? You guessed it – there’s a plugin for that too.

So, this got us thinking a while back.

There are plenty of plugins out there we don’t know about. There are just too many for one person to track.

Which ones are we missing out on?

Why not ask the Insiders what they’re using? We are guessing that each Insider has one or two (or more) plugins they have come to rely on.

The question in this forum thread asks about the latest plugin you installed. But feel free to post about any of your favourites.

We hope to hear from you in the forum.

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