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Is automatic registration a good idea for a membership site?

That is a bit of a complicated question and may not have one concrete answer.

There can be security concerns when it comes to auto-registrations and additional user-friendly aspects to consider. A quick and easy sign up process is ideal for new members, but not if it comes at a cost of less protection.

So, what options are available?

That question helped spark the conversation in this forum thread.

Auto Registration Functionality

An Insider was looking to streamline the purchase/registration process and remove some steps for soon-to-be members.

It’s never a bad idea to improve the sign up experience and make it more efficient. (You rarely hear a member say… “I sure wish that had taken longer and was more cumbersome”). So it is completely natural to look for small fixes.

What can be done to tighten things up and provide your members with quicker access?

The concept of creating the username and password for the members is the focus on this conversation. But the counter point of ensuring security remain high comes in as well.

Are you using auto-registration on your membership site?

If so, we invite you to check out this forum thread and share your experience. You likely had similar questions and concerns when deciding on the method to use.

Or, you may never have considered this option but now it seems like an interesting idea.

Whatever the case may be, we encourage you to join the conversation.

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