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This is a pretty common occurrence for membership site owners.

You’re writing up an article and a picture is needed to help illustrate a point. You know exactly what you need and you just have to find it and insert it into the post.

No problem. Unless you can’t find what you are looking for.

It can be time consuming and even frustrating searching multiple sources for that one perfect picture. So, we are asking the question…

Where do you find stock images?

This featured forum thread can provide some useful options.

Stock Image Sources

We aren’t all talented photographers and taking quality pictures is definitely an acquired skill.

Not everyone is an expert on framing an image or setting up ideal lighting. Time is almost always a factor as well.

Not to mention finding the exact subject matter we need “in the wild”. You can’t just walk out your front door and snap a picture of a steam engine or an elephant. This is especially true if you happen to need photos of both of these subjects at the same time.

The logical next step is to search for photographs online.

There are hundreds of thousands of images just waiting to be found. A few keystrokes and a couple mouse clicks later and you’ve located what you wanted.

But… there is a big question now.

Can you use those images on your site or for your other intended purposes? Photograph licensing is very important to understand.

This is where stock photos come in.

The sites offering stock photography explain what you can and cannot do with their images.

So, which site is best?

We encourage you to join the discussion in the forum. A few suggestions have already been posted and you can feel free to post your own.

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