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There is a common thread running through many membership sites.

In fact, protection is usually based on this common thread.

So, what could it be?

Pieces of content are protected and a group of members are given access to that content. It is a simple concept and typically works for most sites. Members login and access the members-only content. No problem.

But, what if you want to display specific information to specific members within those groups?

That is where things can get interesting.

Displaying Custom Date Based On Join Date

If your membership site is based on levels, you can easily provide access to content for your members.

All you need to do is post the protected content and set which level(s) can access it. Quick and easy. Your members can login and view everything they are expecting.

The wrinkle comes in when you want to display something unique to a member within the level. It’s easy to post something for everyone but posting something for an individual requires a bit more thought.

This featured forum thread is looking for a way to display the unique join date for each member.

Is this something that can be done for members in a level?

That’s a good question and we invite you to join the conversation for more details.

Do you have something similar set up for your members? You may not be showing a unique date to each member but perhaps you are displaying some piece of data just for them.

Please feel free to visit the forum and post any thought or ideas.

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