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An Insider offered their two cents in this discussion but it’s certainly worth more than a couple of pennies.

Most WishList Member users know how to protect pages and posts. They are also aware of the ability to protect categories and comments too.

This knowledge goes a long way towards building an effective membership site.

But, there is a not-so-well-known protection option taking center stage in this quick featured forum thread.

Are you using Custom Post Types?

Custom Post Types

We are getting into the “Way Back” machine to check out this forum thread from the past.

It is short and to the point and brings up a potentially useful protection method. An Insider was creating e-courses using a fairly common method. Protected categories and content placed within those categories.

Something was missing though.

This method can work, but it was leading to some unforeseen confusion for members in this case. Confused members are not a good thing.

So, the option of Custom Post Types was considered. Could this be the solution to the problem?

That is a good question.

It did the trick for this Insider and it may be a good fit for you as well.

Wait… did we mention taxonomies?

We invite you to get more details in the forum.

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