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Most membership sites provide a registration form for members to sign up.

They enter a username and password along with a bit more information and quickly gain access to protected content.

This gives the soon-to-be members the ability to choose their own username and password. One of the reasons behind this method is since they set it themselves, they should have an easier time remembering their password.

But, some sites look to handle this a bit differently.

What if you want to take care of the registration process for them?

Automatic Registration

While allowing members to pick their own login details is popular, there are reasons for wanting to use automatic registration.

It can be employed on sites where those signing up aren’t exactly “tech savvy”. This isn’t a slight against these members. It is a reason to consider a different registration method.

Removing any and all technical road blocks can include registering for the members. Alternatively, some site owners simply want to try another method to expedite the purchase/registration process.

Whatever the case may be, there is a segment of site owners looking for a solid solution.

So, how can one go about adding auto registration?

A few options are discussed in this forum thread and as always, we encourage you to add your own thoughts and ideas.

Have you tried to auto register members? Have you been auto registered on other sites?

Please visit the forum and share your experiences.

You just might have the answer to someone’s question.

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