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This is a question we see pop up every now and again.

It may not be a common request for a membership site, but it does make sense in some cases. In fact, it may even seem a bit counter-intuitive to want to employ this type of functionality on a site dedicated to protecting specific content.

But the need does arise in some cases and can be quite beneficial to members.

An Insider started a forum conversation with a simple request.

How can they add a Print Page option to their site?

Plugin to Print Page or Post

We have all likely seen the option appear within select sites.

A small icon or bit of text indicating the page we are visiting can be printed with the click of a button.

Sites that include written instructions or long segments of text utilize this option to provide the reader with the ability to get a hard copy they can check out at their leisure. Cooking sites that provide recipes is a prime example of where a print option could be used.

So this forum thread asks the question… Which plugin is best suited for this task?

A few plugins are mentioned and each seems to have its own set of features. One does “this” while another does “that”. Something that seems as simple as adding a “Print” option does come with a few things to consider.

This is especially true for a membership site with protected content.

Have you used a similar feature on your own site? Perhaps you are using one right now.

As always, please feel free to join in the conversation and add your thoughts.

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