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A new payment option requires a new product.

Is that correct?

That is the kernel of an idea that leads to the question in this forum discussion.

There are various methods to accept payment for member protected content. One site may handle it a certain way while another site takes a completely different approach.

The chosen online payment provider also comes into play as each one handles the processing of money in their own unique way.

These factors all get taken into account when making a decision about setting up an annual payment option.

Does anything else need to be considered?

A Pay Yearly Option

This forum thread from the past is short and to the point.

But, we thought Insiders might want to continue the conversation based on the subject matter. An Insider has been offering their core product at a monthly recurring cost. This is a fairly common method to accept payment for protected content and for good reason. It is a tried and tested option being used successfully on many membership sites right now.

But, the option of a One Time Payment has been brought up.

The conversation (so far) doesn’t center around the concept of if a One Time Payment option would work, but more about how it can be set up.

How can a membership site built to accept monthly payments also allow for a single payment for access? Are there settings adjustments required?

A new product would need to be created in the integrated shopping cart, right?

This is where we invite you to join the discussion. Are you set up to accept both monthly and one time payments? Please visit the forum and share your experiences.

Feel free to share any ideas you may have even if you haven’t set up a site like this.

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