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Will they work together?

This is a very common and very valid question. It is also very appropriate when it comes to online tools. There can be conflicts between two different systems so it is ideal to find existing integrations whenever possible.

An established integration usually means someone has already handled a majority of any problem solving involved.

This can remove the need for most guess-work and can help alleviate potential frustration.

In this case, an Insider is asking about systems that integrate with WishList Member.

What options are available?

List of Integrations

We are getting in the “Way Back” machine as we take a look at this older forum thread.

The discussion begins by asking about options to integrate with WishList Member and also touches on invoicing and forms. Other bits of information are shared but these are the main points.

An Insider is looking to add a specific form when accepting payment for a membership. The idea of sending an invoice is mentioned as well. A discussion ensues and some additional options are added to the mix

Perhaps you have created a similar process in your own site. Or maybe you have considered a different method.

How are you accepting payments and sending invoices?

Do you use a standard integration or have you set up a customized solution?

We invite you to visit the forum and join the conversation. Your current set up may seem relatively standard to you but it may be a brand new idea to someone else.

Please feel free to share with the Insiders.

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