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Which online payment provider do you use?

There are certainly many to choose from and they all offer different tools and functionality. One does this and the other does that. But, what if you need that to do this and this to do that?

All the choices can get a little confusing.

It is highly likely you have tried a few different options over the months and years to handle member payments.

So a more accurate question may be… Which online payment provider do you prefer?

First Kartra Question

This forum thread is fairly short so far.

So we will try to keep our preview quick and to the point as well.

It does bring up an interesting topic. Different online payment providers are typically worth some discussion.

You never know when you might find a better option for you and your members.

This thread consists of a few quick messages. The initial entry includes some general questions about an option named Kartra and how it might work with WishList Member. A follow up response provides a bit of information but more details or sharing of experiences are definitely welcome.

Have you looked into this payment option yourself? Maybe you know someone who has.

We encourage you to visit this forum and share your thoughts.

You can also post any questions you may have.

We will see you in the forum.

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