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Backups are always a good idea.

All your important and vital data safely stored in a secure location. This typically includes a full and complete copy of your membership site. These types of backups are often created on a regular basis to ensure they contain the most up to date information as possible.

An effective backup process should provide peace of mind.

In fact, it’s not a bad idea to have multiple backups in multiple locations since you never know what can happen.

That all being said, what happens when you actually need to restore from a backup?

Restoring Site From Backup

There are many different reasons why a backup might be needed.

So how can you ensure all the correct data is restored when the time comes?

You don’t want to miss anything or over-write the most recent content with something older.

That is where this forum thread picks up. An Insider is looking to restore from a backup and doesn’t want to lose any of their recently registered members.

They have a backup of the site that was created a while ago and want to roll back to that point. Some new members have signed up since that time so a method to roll back and also keep the new members is the goal.

What is the best approach to make this happen?

We are guessing other Insiders have had similar situations and we are curious how it was handled. Did everything go as planned or were there some unexpected twists and turns along the way?

A suggested process has been posted in the discussion and we invite you to add your thoughts and opinions.

You can get all the details within the Insider Forum.

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