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The fact of the matter is some members will cancel.

Something unexpected may come up that requires them to re-examine their spending habits or they may have simply learned all they needed.

Perhaps they can’t easily find what they are looking for (even though it is located within your site).

These types of things can happen. But those are only a few examples of why a member might leave.

It is difficult to know exactly why a specific individual cancelled their membership.

It might even be a reason that has never crossed your mind and others could be cancelling for that same reason.

So how can you find out why anyone cancels?

Exit Interviews

Why not ask them?

Many of us wonder why members choose to leave. We spend time thinking of possible scenarios and speculating as to why they decided to cancel their membership.

These guesses may lead us to discover some of the reasons some of the time. But it’s not really a long term solution. There are too many unknown variables.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient and effective to simply get the answers straight from the source?

No guess work is needed in that case.

This forum thread brings up the interesting topic of Exit Interviews.

They can be used to find out exactly why a member left. But the next question becomes, how can you get recently exited members to provide details? Is there any incentive for them to respond?

These are good questions and we invite you to visit this forum thread to join the conversation.

Some suggestions have already been posted and we encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions.

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