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They almost seem to go hand-in-hand in many cases.

Both can definitely exist and function without the other. But, using them together often results in a beneficial outcome for the members and site owners.

A membership site and a Learning Management System.

Many online communities utilize some type of tool or system to create courses for their members. These courses are an effective way to teach members and are ideal for an online environment.

Have you considered using an LMS?

This forum thread looks into options.

Learning Management System

You might be using a system to create courses within your site right now.

This is a popular and effective method to deliver content to members. A course with a start, middle and end allows a user to work through the teaching materials. They are able to learn along the way and a sense of accomplishment is felt when they finish.

There are a number of different methods to create courses.

Learning Management Systems are a popular choice and can handle a decent amount of options. They can take care of many technical aspects of an online course.

This means you can set up the course once and then let members make their way through it.

That all being said, perhaps you don’t even need an LMS to create your course. There are other options for creating an online course within a membership site and that topic receives some attention in this discussion as well.

So there are many ways for options (and options within those options). Which one is best for you and your members?

Please feel free to visit the forum and join the conversation.

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