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How many apps are on your phone right now?

The answer doesn’t need to be an exact number. Just a rough estimate as to how many currently reside on your device.

Maybe you have thirty or forty. Perhaps you have more than fifty apps jockeying for space in the memory of your phone.

Some people probably have twice that many.

The point being, you likely have more apps on your phone today than you did a few months ago. The popularity of apps is only growing.

So, have you considered creating an app for your membership site?

Creating A Mobile App

This is a topic that comes up fairly regularly and it makes sense.

We often hear… “There’s an app for that”.

These five words can be heard frequently during all kinds of different discussions. It seems like there is an app for almost everything. But, is there one for your membership site?

We are guessing probably not at the moment.

Why not create an app for your members?

The quick answer usually focuses on two major points. Time and money. Apps don’t usually come fast or cheap. There are technical hurdles that can slow down the process.

This forum thread presents an interesting option for converting an existing site into an app.

It appears this method can help to avoid some of the common speed bumps that can pop up along the way when considering the creation of a mobile app.

We are curious if any Insiders have already developed an app or if they are considering one.

Please check out this forum thread and share any thoughts or experiences.

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